What Is Technik™?

Technik™ is the way we do things for you at Schmidt Bros.  It’s what sets us apart to ensure your home is distinctively yours.  From the way we focus on your expectations to the time we spend making it right.  With top-quality technical training and skills to exceptional pride in our work.  Have you ever had that wonderful experience with someone or somewhere and you just couldn’t put your finger on what it was or how it was done?  Maybe it was the refreshing attitude or the excellence of the result.  Those little touches that made things better without realizing they were there, until you noticed when they were gone.  Keeping up with the latest technology is important and takes time and professional commitment.  Doing things right takes passion and respect.  Our Technik™ is all about exceeding your expectations in a way that makes you feel you made the right decision in choosing Schmidt Bros. Mechanical Ltd.

Our Technik™ Promise

  • We use leading-edge, high-quality technology
  • Our skills and expertise are up to date with the technology
  • We are cleanly dressed and respect your home as though it was our own
  • We respect your privacy and never disclose personal information
  • We charge a fair price for what we do

Why Technik™ Matters

Today’s indoor mechanical systems are designed with the latest technology available to optimize comfort, health, safety and efficiency.  Similar to the changes in automobile technology, today’s equipment requires new skills and current experience. If not installed or repaired by trained professionals, the complicated multi-source systems will compete against itself, reducing any benefits of the technology.

Our technicians are in a class of their own, becoming experts in the proper design, installation, and repair diagnosis of the most complicated systems.  We keep on top of the latest information and technology so that you don’t have to.